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Control Measures on COVID-19 Training Delivery


In 2007 RAAST was established by Ronnie Palmer after he identified the need for a systematic approach to training in the Telecoms, Power and Construction Industries in relation to Working at Heights. With almost 30 years served in the Irish Defense Forces Nationally and Internationally Ronnie developed the company brand as being to the forefront of innovative thinking in relation to training needs and while he implemented Systematic Training techniques he endeavored to professionalize the activity of training and development and thereby the credibility of trainers and the training function.

Previous to RAAST Ronnie had served in many countries under the United Nations flag and was also at one point seconded to GOAL in Mozambique working on the World Food Program where he was responsible for major logistic programs throughout the regions. This exposure to many different cultures enabled him to understand the basic needs of human beings and appreciate that a process of planned activities will help an individual over time to develop to their full potential. This was to be the foundation stone of which RAAST was built upon.

Over the 12 years of business RAAST has created a brand that is second to none in the industries it is currently active in and with the introduction of Aidan Byrne in early 2019 to the business this legacy is sure to continue and develop into something even bigger. Aidan has worked in Cellular Telecoms for 23 years starting off as a trainee rigger working his way through the ranks to Senior Design Engineer for Telefonica O2 Ireland and then working in consultancy roles for various Tier 1 suppliers to the telecoms industry Internationally. He is now looking forward to this exciting new challenge where there is huge potential to give back some of the valued knowledge gained throughout the years.